Sangria and Stories: Pirates and their Weapons


April, 2018





6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST



Tampa Bay History Center

801 Old Water Street

Tampa, FL 33602

Pirates are often portrayed as romantic figures, yet they were capable of vicious and bloodthirsty acts of violence. So, what weapons did they wield when committing their crimes?

Our next Sangria and Stories will peruse┬ápirates’ weapons of choice, which are on display in the new “Treasure Seekers” exhibit.

Join in on the hands-on demonstration, where you’ll be able to touch and feel a real cutlass, flintlock pistol, blunderbuss, plug bayonet and boarding axe and discover many of the myths surrounding these deadly pirate weapons.

Tiger Lee, owner of Pirate Fashions in Tampa, will lead the talk. Lee has taught naval cutlass sword fighting classes for 10 years and is certified by the National Parks Service in cannon and black powder firearms. His products have appeared in movies, TV shows, museums and re-enactments throughout the world.

Sangria & Stories is limited to 25 guests; advance reservations are required. $17/person (20% off for members) includes:

  • A glass of sangria from the Columbia Cafe (soft drinks also available)
  • Free parking in the TBHC garage
  • In- gallery presentation