Sangria and Stories: Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham


June, 2019





6:00 AM – 7:30 PM EST



Tampa Bay History Center

801 Old Water St.

Tampa, FL 33602

Two of the most famous pirates of the Golden Age are Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham. Popularized in the recent TV series “Black Sails” as well as many other portrayals in books and film, the famous duo are now a central feature in the History Center’s new Treasure Seekers gallery, protagonists in the museum’s choose-your-own-adventure film, “The Pirate’s Fate.”  

Explore both the myths and realities behind these two very real pirates while you also explore the History Center’s “Treasure Seekers” gallery during our next edition of Sangria and Stories.

Presenter Robert Jacob is the author of “A Pirate’s Life in the Golden Age of Piracy.”

Designed as an up-close gallery experience, Sangria and Stories includes complimentary parking, a glass of Columbia Cafe sangria and an in-gallery presentation. Call 813.228.0097 for registration details.