A Troubadour’s Christmas with Bill Schustik


DEC. 2019



1 p.m.

2 p.m.


Tampa Bay History Center

801 Water Street

Tampa, FL 33602

Christmas carols account for some of our most familiar melodies. But did you know that one famous carol – Jingle Bells – has nothing to do with Christmas?
Historical troubadour Bill Schustick visits the History Center to perform a selection of historical holiday folk songs and stories on Dec. 22.

If folk songs are generally “songs sung by the folk”, then Christmas carols are certainly folk songs. Some tunes are so old that they are thought to pre-date Christianity (O Tannenbaum).  Some stem from dark and tangled histories like the twenty-four-year-old 9th century monarch who was poisoned by his mother (Good King Wenceslas).


One Christmas song almost every American knows has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and was in fact created by a Connecticut resident who wrote battle songs for the South during the Civil War (Jingle Bells).


Join us for a special selection of songs and stories that Bill has shared with friends over the years.


Bill will perform at 12, 1 and 2 p.m. Included with admission.

For more information, contact the History Center at (813) 228-0097.