Sangria and Stories
Pensacola: Florida’s Second City


MARCH 2020





6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST



Tampa Bay History Center

801 Water St.

Tampa, FL 33602

Touchton Map Library Director Rodney Kite-Powell guides you map by map through the exhibit “Pensacola: Florida’s Second City.”

The exhibit in the History Center’s Touchton Map Library includes more than two dozen maps, illustrations, promotional booklets and other historical items tracing Pensacola’s past, from its first attempted founding in 1559 through its time as the capital of West Florida, its role as an important shipping center, through its current place as both tourist destination and home to a key U.S. military base.

“Pensacola is sometimes forgotten, or at least downplayed, when the list of important Florida cities is discussed,” says Kite-Powell.  “We hope this exhibition will teach our visitors about Pensacola’s place in Florida’s history.” 

designed as an up-close gallery experience, Sangria and Stories includes complimentary parking, a glass of Columbia Cafe sangria and an in-gallery presentation.