Archives Awareness Week

A Century of SOHO

Stories and Archives on Howard Avenue


July, 2022





11 A.M. – NOON



Tampa Bay History Center 

TECO Learning Center

Tampa Bay History Center, Lykes Atrium photo

Howard Avenue was initially the dividing line between the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County and has been home to a vibrant commercial district for over a century. From culinary icons like Bern’s Steak House, the Old Meeting House, and Alessi’s to nightlife joints like Tiny Tap and the Chatterbox, SOHO has long been a hot spot for Tampeños. Explore archives from The Tampa Tribune, the Burgert Brothers Collection, and the Touchton Map Library to learn about over a hundred years of history along Howard Avenue.

Cameron Hunt McNabb is a fourth-generation Tampa native and a long-time South Howard resident. She is an Associate Professor of Humanities at Southeastern University and an avid Tampa Bay History Center fan.