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Seminole Tribe and Beading

Seminole Indian women cooking over log fire with children watching, Musa Isle, Fla., 1948 Burgert Brothers, photo of Courtesy of Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System

Women in the Seminole Tribe traditionally wore beaded necklaces. Even when at risk for shoulder and neck problems, they would sometimes wear 12 pounds of beads at a time. The beads were usually made of glass. Women in the tribe often had their own income from their rigorous daily work and would buy or trade beads on her own.

Make your own necklace. If you don’t have any beads, make it with colored pasta!


Rigatoni pasta

Try different shapes, of pasta.
Like Penne, Macaroni or even corkscrew-shaped Cavatappi pasta!


Food coloring

White distilled vinegar

Small bowls


Paper towels

String or ribbon



Mix one cup of vinegar and several drops of food coloring in a bowl. You will need one bowl for each desired color. Add pasta, and stir with a toothpick. Let the pasta soak in for 15 minutes, or longer for more intense color.


Carefully drain the pasta and place it on several paper towels to dry.


Cut the ribbon or string at least 26” long or longer to the desired length.


Thread the ribbon or string through the pasta holes and tie the ends together.

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