Pioneer Soap Carving

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Long ago in the pioneer days, people used the same type of soap for many purposes, including house cleaning, laundry, dishes, and hygiene. The soap was handmade from three ingredients: tallow, lye, and water.
Lye is made from wood ashes usually gathered from the fireplace and put in a wooden hopper. They typically needed about one wooden barrel full of ashes to make the lye.

The pioneers poured about 4 liters of water over the ashes to soak them. The water that seeped out was the lye water!

Next, the lye and tallow was boiled together to make a mixture. This mixture was then poured into old dishes, or anything the pioneers could find to make a mold.

After the soap was left out to harden, the soap was removed from the molds, then carved into squares. This soap was used to wash everything!!

Soap carving is a fun craft you can do with a parent! Let your imagination go crazy and carve your soap into something fun! You could make your own fish, a heart, or your favorite animal! Below are the supplies that you need and the directions to make your awesome soap sculpture!


bar of soap

popsicle stick



Get creative and carve your soap!

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