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The History of Hillsborough County

The county of Hillsborough was created by an act of the Florida Legislature on January 25, 1834. The original, or historic, Hillsborough County covered approximately 14,600 square miles — all or part of 24 present-day counties (an area larger than 8 states at the time). By comparison, today’s Hillsborough County is 1,072 square miles. Its history is as varied and fascinating as any other place in this country. People have lived in this area of West Central Florida for over 11,000 years, and their story is, in effect, our story.

Florida’s indigenous people flourished here thousands of years before the first explorers arrived from Europe. The Timucua and the Calusa were two of the largest and most highly-developed groups who controlled much of the peninsula and its population. Different Timucuan people spoke dialects of the same language and held possession of the northern third of Florida, while the Calusa ruled over southwest Florida. The area now known as Hillsborough County was occupied by smaller groups, notably the Tocobaga, Mocoso and Ucita…Read More

Cigar City Timeline
Take a stroll through Tampa’s history with this interactive timeline that showcases some of Tampa’s most influential people and pivotal moments.



Charting the Land of Flowers: 500 years of Florida Maps
Maps act as a cornerstone of our understanding of history. This timeline was created by the Tampa Bay History Center in conjunction with the exhibition, “Charting the Land of Flowers: 500 Years of Florida Maps,” and is designed as an interactive tool for teachers and their students.

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