Map Making

Did you know?
The Tampa Bay History Center is the only cartographic center in the Southeastern United States!

Our Touchton Map Library’s collection consists of thousands of maps, charts, atlases and other cartographic materials.

STEP 1.  Discuss the different kinds of maps and how they have changed over the centuries. Point out features like the compass rose, map key, roads, and symbols. What is a cartographer?

STEP 2. Create a list of places that someone might want to find in your city.

STEP 3.  Using a large sheet of white paper draw the roads in your city or neighborhood.

STEP 4. With colored paper, stickers and glue, create the buildings, houses, and trees that line the streets of your city or neighborhood.

STEP 5.  Finally, label your map our using the list created in STEP 2.

CONGRATULATIONS on creating your map!

YOU are now an official cartographer!

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