A new season of Florida Conversations dives deeper into our past

Tin Can Tourists by the Burgert Brothers
Tin Can Tourists by the Burgert Brothers. [Tampa Bay History Center Collection]

Florida’s history is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads from diverse communities, cultures, and eras. The Tampa Bay History Center continues to be a beacon of knowledge and exploration, inviting history enthusiasts to delve into the intriguing stories that have shaped the Sunshine State. The new season of Florida Conversations offers a deep dive into various aspects of Florida’s history, highlighting its Latino heritage, celebrating the rich culture of Tampa’s Black communities, and revisiting the roaring 1920s. We’ll give you a sneak peek into some of the exciting events lined up for the next few months.

AARP Florida, WUSF Public Media, and USF Libraries provide support for Florida Conversions.

The History Center’s Florida Conversations series continues to be a free lecture series for those seeking to unravel the multifaceted history of Florida. So please mark your calendars, whether you’re attending in person or virtually, for a journey through time that promises to be as informative as it is captivating.

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