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Press Release

‘Decade of Change: Florida in the 1920s’ opening next month

Scheduled to open its doors on November 4, 2023, Decade of Change offers a fascinating exploration of Florida's first modern decade. From the lively jazz tunes of the Roaring Twenties to the architectural evolution witnessed in the construction of bungalows and Mediterranean Revival-style homes, the exhibition provides a snapshot of the diverse facets that defined Florida in the 1920s.

A new season of Florida Conversations dives deeper into our past

Florida's history is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads from diverse communities, cultures, and eras. The Tampa Bay History Center continues to be a beacon of knowledge and exploration, inviting history enthusiasts to delve into the intriguing stories that have shaped the Sunshine State.

Twistin’ Down Central: A Tribute to Tampa’s Black Music Legends

Tampa Red, Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb, and Ray Charles are just a few of the notable musicians to play in Tampa during Central Avenue’s heyday. Join us as we dive into the work of legendary Black musicians that lifted spirits and defined Central Avenue’s cultural legacy.
Tampa Bay History

Tampa’s historic streetcars

During the last two decades of the 1880s, Tampa was clearly a forerunner for transportation developments in Florida. Through the efforts of the Board of Trade, Tampa had, by 1886,