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Artifacts In 3D

Engraved powder horn with map

In partnership with the Tampa Bay History Center, the Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections at the University of South Florida Libraries uses the latest digital and mapping technologies to create 
Hands-On Activities

Pirate snacks

During the Age of Exploration, sailors, like pirates and explorers, would sometimes not see a dock for months. Without a refrigerator, they needed something to eat that would last for longer periods of time, so they made hard tack or ship’s biscuits. 
Hands-On Activities

Map Making

Did you know? The Tampa Bay History Center is the only cartographic center in the Southeastern United States! Our Touchton Map Library’s collection consists of thousands of maps, charts, atlases, and other cartographic materials. 
Hands-On Activities

Pirate Sword

In the Treasure Seekers exhibit, you can learn all about the pirates! Here are directions to make your own pirate sword at home!