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If you have any questions regarding the History Center’s Virtual Field Trip, please contact Group Sales at [email protected] or (813) 675-8960.

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For the greatest benefit, we recommend a 20 minute segment of a gallery based on your curriculum needs.

COST: $75 (flat-rate)

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This option will address a museum gallery theme of your choice and cover its specific period of history. These tours can be shared with your students at your leisure or when it meets your educational focus during the year.
This option offers the live interaction between students and a museum staff member from a specific gallery exhibit. We can also feature specific artifacts and other primary sources to supplement the discussion or gear the discussion around them if desired. We can also include a Q & A session for students after the discussion.  Please let us know the type of virtual platform you would use (ZOOM, Teams, Google, etc.) and we will work with you.

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We offer a variety of gallery themes that align with Florida standards. Please select one.

Featuring information about Florida’s early inhabitants, this exhibit showcases artifacts such as ancient tools, pottery and a dugout canoe.
A showcase of Seminole culture, the Seminole Wars, and various artifacts such as patchwork, basketry, wood carvings, ceremonial objects, and a replica chickee.
Enter a 1920’s cigar shop and factory and relive the story of the industry that put Tampa on the map and the immigrant communities at the center of that story.
Explore the history of Florida’s conquistadors, pirates, and shipwrecks as you enter a replica 60-foot Bermuda sloop housing artifacts dating back to the 1600’s.

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For field trip reservations and additional information, please contact Group Sales at email [email protected] or (813) 675-8960

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