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Permanent Exhibits


The Knight Collection

Seminole Dolls 1930-1960 Seminole dolls were originally made from rags and sticks and are now made from wood (cypress) and palmetto busks. Dolls were created for both the tourist trade 

Travails and Triumphs

People of African descent have lived and labored in the Tampa Bay area for over five hundred years. Travails and Triumphs tells the story of the communities and families they 

Touchton Map Library

Maps can communicate political boundaries or chart environmental changes. Historical maps can tell you how the people who made them understood the broader world around them and how technology evolved. 

Plan your visit

The Touchton Map Library's Saunders Foundation Gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and is included with museum admission. If you are performing research and have a question, please email [email protected].

Access 5,000+ maps from our collection

The only cartographic center in the Southeastern United States, the Touchton Map Library’s collection consists of thousands of maps, charts, atlases, and other cartographic materials. A portion of the collection is available for viewing. Check back regularly as more maps and other materials are being added daily.

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Touchton Map Library Digital Collection